I'd like to see Yates spank them

Rest Day. I predict a stage win for Michael Woods in the final week. via rusty_woods instagram

Looking forward to the TT:

"I'm relaxed. I feel good. If I blow up and explode in the final week, or lose five minutes tomorrow (in the time trial), that's fine, really fine. I'm happy with what I've done. I came to the Giro d'ltalia to win but if I can't, that's OK, I won't lose sleep. I want to be the best I can but if this is the max, then that's OK too." - Simon Yates sits 2'11" from Tom Dumoulin before Tuesday's TT.

"Maybe it's 20 seconds only because Yates is in good shape, it depends on the wind. If it's a headwind, it's all about the power, so maybe Dumoulin could take more. - Tristan Hoffman, DS Bahrain-Merida

"It's clear to see that Yates is gong like 10 men. I'd like to see Yates spank them. I am sure being in the maglia rosa will give him extra horse power. The way he's been riding I don&#…

Tomorrow is a stage that suits me even better

Friday File: All the GC guys are going to pray for good legs

I just went for it

I need more time

Still lot's to fight for

Rest Day

That one is for the boys...

Friday File: A dream come true

How unbelievable is that!


Whew! Wild One...

L'uomo di ferro